Hunterdon County NJ

Visitors to Hunterdon County find it to be a great surprise with its quaint river towns, stone houses, historic bridges, and many Bed & Breakfast stopovers. They don’t call New Jersey the Garden State for no reason! Buyers looking for farms or acreage are often amazed to discover that they tend to get more property for their money this side of the river. I’ve also noticed, personally, that homes don’t change hands quite as often; as a result, many old houses retain much of their original character.

Because the Delaware River runs along the west side of the County, tourists are attracted to the many historic towns connected to bridges across the river. The Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park runs for seventy miles through all these towns and beyond. It, too, has a towpath for bikes and walkers, just like in Bucks County. The most popular destination is Lambertville, originally a mill town but now a premier weekender attraction. Lambertville Station, once servicing the now-disused railroad tracks, is just one of the many restaurants retaining the old-world atmosphere of this town.

Continuing upriver, the next bridge belongs to Stockton—originally Reading Ferry—another mill town with its famous Prallsville Mill which hosts a variety of artistic and cultural events. Ten miles north, you’ll see Frenchtown (which still celebrates Bastille Day) and Milford, both with their repurposed train stations and Victorian homes. Along the way you can launch your canoe and kayak on the river; inner tubing is also a big summer attraction here because the Delaware is mostly gentle at this point.

Because of its rural nature, Hunterdon County abounds with parks, nature trails, and horse trails. According to, “There are approximately 42,500 horses in New Jersey with 96,000 acres devoted solely to the equine industry.” You’ll also find that land conservation is high on the list here; since 1985 Hunterdon has preserved 433 farms and almost 33,000 acres—more than any other county in the state. That’s a lot to be proud of!

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